Simplifying API Management for Developers and Users

Store, deploy, and access API keys effortlessly.
No need for manual cloning or input.
Designed for the modern developer.
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Unlock the true potential of your projects without getting bogged down by manual API key management

Seamless Integration

Easily integrate ZeroID into your open-source projects and AI agents.

User-Friendly Interface

Designed with non-technical users in mind. No coding skills required.

Secure Storage

Your API keys are stored securely, ensuring data privacy and protection.

Say goodbye to the hassles of cloning
repositories and manual API inputs

Rapid Deployment
Get your projects up and running in no time.

Universal Compatibility
Works seamlessly with a range of open source and AI platforms.

Community Support
Join a growing community of developers leveraging ZeroID.

Beyond just an API management tool, ZeroID is a game-changer for developers

Open Source

We understand the intricacies of
open source projects.


Adaptable to evolving
AI technologies.


Designed keeping in mind both
developers and end-users.

Powering integrations
across various platforms

Hear from our customers

Feedback from our users

"Ummm… this is AWESOME!! babyagi running w user’s openai api key, stored zk-proof in web3 wallet. Connect w Metamask for passing API key to AI tools.  Just add a few lines of code, and it handles the rest (widget for asking for openai key, passing to env…)"

Yohei Nakamoto

Creator of BabyAGI